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Your Company Is More Than A Business, It's A Mission & We're Here To Help You Succeed

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs committed to scaling their businesses without compromising their Kingdom values, we know the biggest obstacles holding them back from achieving lasting influence and impact.

Lack of Time

Business growth becomes challenging when everyone and everything demands your time and attention.

Lack of Direction

There's so much you can do but you're unclear what you should do to scale beyond your current level.

Lack of Systems

In the absence of business and marketing systems that work without you, growth is 100% reliant on you.

Lack of Opportunity

Your marketing has a limited reach and produces inconsistent results that limit your revenue and impact.

There Is A Solution...

We've developed a proven process specifically designed to help missional businesses like yours grow & thrive

FunnelStream is a unique formula designed to get you laser focused on exactly how and why to create amazing value for your ideal customers so your marketing efforts produce consistent leads and sales with ease.


Our proven business growth strategies and marketing systems will help you eliminate:

  • The need to spend thousands on the wrong solutions
  • Tons of wasted time and effort lost in trial and error figuring it out on your own
  • Inconsistent and stagnant growth keeping you from truly experiencing freedom
  • Frustration and disappointment that comes from not accomplishing your God-given mission

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FunnelStream Unlocks Your Ability To...

Achieve Goals

Imagine hitting the financial goals you've been thinking about and seeing it actually happen.

Experience Growth

Reduce stress and complexity while increasing your energy to take the business to new levels.

Feel Freedom

Acquire the team and skills you need to set yourself free to do the things you really want to enjoy in life.

Great Company, Great ROI

“The team helped me build and sell KULAbyte. They were instrumental with all digital marketing, partner development and optimizing the sales funnel.

After the acquisition, I rehired them to help market some real estate in Costa Rica and the property sold in less than 90 days. Great company, great ROI.”

-- Robin Rush, Entrepreneur

We Have Many More Growth Stories

Be Part of His Marketplace Movement

Our mission is to come alongside Missional Entrepreneurs to help them strengthen and build healthy growing businesses so that their God given vision of a for-profit marketplace movement will become reality.

We have been given the unique gifts, skills and experiences to achieve this however; He designed us to be fruitful and multiply together.


You Must Battle & Breakthrough The Barriers

You may or may not realize that at your current business stage that you need a more consistent flow of business opportunities. You also need the support of others who've been there, done that.

Your sales cycle may be long.  The majority of sales may be coming via word-of-mouth referrals.  You know that you need to put business processes and systems in place along with hiring a team to grow to the next level, but you either don’t personally have the skills, experience or maybe enough margin or resources to do it all.

Don't worry. You're ok.  You were not designed to do it alone.

There may seem to be an insurmountable wall in front of you, but you have seen others scale over it.

You just haven’t known or been shown exactly what needs to be focused on so that you can gain the momentum and traction you need to breakthrough the barriers in front of you.

We understand this all too well. We've been there (several times actually).

It’s precisely why we believe we need to help more Kingdom minded entrepreneurs breakthrough the barriers they are facing so that we can all be more impactful and contribute more together.

"Jason and his team have an excellent aptitude at asking the source questions behind buying and spending decisions for companies...helping audiences, behaviors, market demands and validated effectiveness be determined before energy is expended. His use of business modeling disciplines blended with his own background of start ups, technology applications and marketing strategy brings a unique focus and acumen to business growth situations. Approaching every project not just as work but also as a platform for ministry."

Mike Sharrow
CEO, C12 Group

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